Seven Blessings For Families

"Come, Holy Spirit, into our greatest needs and give us a revelation of Jesus."

I pray spiritual blessings. Come, Holy Spirit, give our family a revelation of God as Abba, Father. Give us a love relationship with Jesus so strong that we cannot resist Him. Give us sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and hunger and thirst for righteousness that conforms our conscience to the Word of God. Create in us the fear of the Lord in relation to sin and genuine repentance. Give us holy joy in abiding in You.

I pray emotional blessings. Come, give our family a revelation of Jesus as healer of emotions. Release healing to remove the ground for bondages (rejections, failure, resentment, jealousy, shame, etc.). Let us choose forgiveness for ourselves and others. Give us freedom from fear because God never fails us. Grant us a strong sends of hope to believe God for His promises.

I pray mental blessings. Come, Spirit of truth, and remove blinders of deception from our minds, so that we may know the truth and have godly wisdom and discernment.

I pray personal blessings. Come, give us a sense of our personal value in Christ. Plant in us God-given vision for Your calling on our lives. Give us favor with God and with man.

I pray the blessing of right relationship with authority. Come, teach us submission to God-given authority and counsel. Direct us toward right loyalties, godly soul ties, and healthy friendships that encourage us in our walk with You.

I pray physical blessings. Come, cover us with Your protective hedge of safety, strength, and good health. We plead Psalm 91.

I pray financial blessings. Come, give us Your provision and right relationship to what You give. Let us acknowledge You as our Source and Provider.

I pray blessings. I speak blessings. I choose to be a blessing!

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