In the middle of writing poems for my mother and my wife for Mother's Day 2008 the Lord dropped this little "gem" into my heart. I pray it touches you as deeply as it did me.


A man once lost a gem, a gem that he had felt was fairly worthless. However, once he had lost it he found that it actually held great sentimental value for him. He searched and searched for the gem, but was unable to find it. Finally, in desperation, he sat and thought, "I'll pray and ask God to help me find it." As he sat on his bed and bowed his head he caught the glint of something in his pants cuff. Almost mystified, he reached and pulled the missing gem from its hiding place. He sat for quite some time staring at the gem and suddenly he realized that it had been quite some time since he had truly prayed.

This realization stung him for he had always been a man of faith. He realized that, just as the gem had eluded him, he had eluded God. Grasping the gem in his hands he slowly slid to his knees by his bed and asked God for forgiveness of his sloven attitude toward prayer. As he prayed he felt the touch of God and felt the Lord telling him that just as the gem had been near him, He had never forsaken him. The man began to give thanks to God for His loving kindness and for His unfailing love.

Many times we think we have things in our life that are of little or no worth until those things are gone. God never finds us of anything but great worth, and this is why he is constantly seeking us. "It is not His will that any should perish, but that ALL should come to a saving knowledge of Christ." These words should ring in our hearts any time we see those who are lost and seeking the way. But, how many times are we the ones who are lost? When was the last time you truly prayed? Not just for something you want from God, but just to talk to God. He is always waiting for us to reach out to Him, and just as we reach out He will take our hand and lead us to the great things He has in store for us.

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