Over the years God has given me many insights that I have never heard anyone else speak about. For many years I have wondered why He would choose to entrust them to me. Recently, God began to show me that the time to share these insights is now. Whether this means that I am ready to share them properly or God's people are ready to receive them I do not know. I believe this medium is how God wants me to share them. The title for these pages comes from the fact my name, Kimberly, actually means king. However, the insights are not mine, they are the insights of the King of Kings. I can only lay claim to the fact He has chosen to impart them to me. Each one is clearly spelled out through scripture and is so noted. The references are links which will take you to the "Blue Letter Bible," an on-line bible that I have found quite helpful. After using a link to check the reference, simply hit the back button on your browser to continue reading. Some of what you find here may seem unique and some may even seem questionable. However, if they were not clearly backed up by the Word of God, they would not be included here. Please, let God be the final judge.

Not all of the insights originate in God's Word, but I believe them to be God directed. God has allowed me to see things that would either spark a line of investigation in His Word or physically confirm an earlier one. It is not the purpose of these pages to lead one to salvation, but rather to cause one to delve deeper into the Word. For those in need of salvation, see our "What We Believe" page.

At present, these are the insights that I plan to have on the pages.

"It's Nothing Physical"
"In The Beginning?"
"The Gem Beyond Worth"
"Creation is Good Science"
"The Mything Link"
"It is Appointed Unto Man ONCE to Die"
"Why Does God Send People to Hell?"

As the pages are completed the list will become links to those pages.

I pray you will be touched by these insights as I have been. The only thing I ask is if you use any part of these pages, please give credit where credit is due. Please link anything you use from here to our pages.

If you would like to send me any comments about these pages Click Here to E-mail me. Thank you.

Your loving brother in Christ,

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