We are Kim and Karen K., living on the edge of the Texas Panhandle. Our family is one of the most important things in our lives. So we'd like to introduce ourselves to you.


I'm Kim, the dad, granddad and all around handyman in the family. I have worked for the power company in our area for more than 30 years. I'm into movies (mostly sci-fi), video games and computers. I also created and maintain these webpages. I would encourage you to check out the website of our church, Trinity Fellowship, Each week's service is now available to watch online; they also offer each week's sermons as a podcast.

I'm Karen, the mom and "nana" of our immediate family. Some of my interests are the the internet; really enjoy the Christian version of Myspace called His Holy Space. If you have time, take a look -- it will be well worth your time. Also enjoy Lake Woebegone (Garrison Keillor),gardening, & hunting for hiddens treasures at garage sales. My taste in music runs from Christian praise/worship to soft rock (James Taylor, Michael Buble,Jim Brickman...) to most anything Celtic (Enya, Celtic Woman, Clannad...).I am also director of Karing Hearts Prayer Ministry. We have a group of encouraging materials that you may want to look through.

I'm David, first born of Kim and Karen, husband of Whitney and father of two little girls. I am in law enforcement; my hobbies include video games, anything Star Wars and pro baseball.

I'm Whitney, wife of David and mother of our two little angels! I have worked at one of our hospital's urgent care center for several years. Some of my interests are craft shows and anything to do with Winnie the Pooh!

I'm Amy, second born of Kim and Karen. My interests are crafts, cooking of all kinds, Star Trek, old movies and musicals. As for artists/music styles, enjoy Christian praise/worship and a variety of soft rock, which includes The Bee Gees, Michael Buble, The Ten Tenors. Also have an unexpected new person in my life these days...a very special Aussie from "down under"!

I'm Kylie, youngest child of Kim and Karen. I am ex- military; myfavorite duty station was Germany. I am currently married and living overseas w/ my husband who is active military. Some of my interests include traveling, video games & action/sci-fi movies.

We hope you enjoy our site and hope to see you again real soon! Thanks for stopping by.

Kim & Karen K.

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