When God created this world, He had a specific purpose in mind. That purpose was to provide a "proving ground" for a being that could be, potentially, as perfect as He is. (Genesis 1:26) He created everything on this planet to serve this one being. However, this being He did not create. This being He made. From the dust of the ground He fashioned a body from the inside out. (Genesis 2:7) He fashioned the internal organs. He fashioned the skeleton and the ligaments to hold it together. He stretched muscles over the skeleton and covered them with skin. He even took the time to count the hairs He placed on the being's head. (Matthew 10:30 and Luke 12:7) But, with all His loving attention to detail, this piece of clay was nothing more than an extremely elaborate statue. Until He "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life" it was nothing but a lifeless lump of clay. What was it that God placed within this pile of dirt and water that made it "a living soul"? It was nothing less than a part of God's own being, a small portion of His own infinite spirit that gave life to inanimate material.

The truly amazing thing about this process is that it did not diminish God even one iota. This is the incredible nature of God that causes many and perhaps most to balk at His very existence. God is infinite, both in nature and in His very being. His very name (Exodus 3:14) shows His infinite nature. No matter how much you remove from infinity, it remains infinite. The interesting thing about this is that the portion removed is still just as infinite as that from which it was taken. The portion of God's spirit that He placed within the being known as man, remained as infinite as it was when it was part of God Himself. That spirit, known as the spirit of man, has "split" innumerable times. Yet it is still as infinite in each person as it was in the man called Adam. This portion of God's Spirit does not make man God or even a god. However, it does make man capable of the same perfection that exists in God. (Matthew 5:48)

Man believes himself to be nothing more than an animal, no different than any other animal on the earth. He chooses to believe that man "evolved" from the "lower life forms" into his present state. He calls this belief enlightenment, but in truth it is delusion. Even man's science proves this to be absolutely impossible. This belief discards the very nature of man. It erroneously assumes that man is only a physical being. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Man is not a physical being at all. He is a "spiritual being in a physical existence." Many will find this difficult to believe and may even dismiss it as unworthy of consideration. However, the facts will bear out the truth. Consider the following.

Man's physical being, body and mind, are finite. Man's body begins as the body of any animal begins, with the joining of a male and a female in procreation. That body matures as does the body of any animal and will eventually die, returning to the dust. (Genesis 3:19) However, the difference between man and animal is that in man's conception there is a transfer of something more than genetic material. Part of that infinite spirit is transferred to this new life. This portion of spirit is as infinite as ever. It is not a new spirit. It is an extension of God's Spirit, just as Adam's was. It is unique only in the nature of the new human to whom it gives life. It carries with it the knowledge of the universe, for it carries the very nature of God. However, it is in subjection to the physical limitations of the human in whom it resides. This subjection results in the loss of eternal knowledge through the training of the physical mind to cope with "life". As an infant learns to cope with the physical world around it, the infinite knowledge of God is diminished. By the time the child is able to communicate physically they have forgotten how to communicate spiritually. Few regain even the slightest ability in spiritual communication. Prayer is the key, but most never learn how to listen. Just as the physical ears must be trained to discern the sounds of physical communication, the spiritual ears must be "retrained" to discern the sounds of spiritual communication. God's voice is not physically audible, for what is of the Spirit can only be discerned by the spirit. (I Corinthians 2:14) Jesus told His disciples that He would send them another comforter to help them. (John 14:16) He told them that this helper would teach them and remind them of all things. (John 14:26) This not only pertained to things they had learned and forgotten, but things they had known before they ever began to learn. What made Jesus unique was not so much that He was God made flesh or even that He had no human father. What made Him truly unique was that He never lost track of the fact that He was first spirit and second flesh. He functioned primarily in the spirit. By concentrating on spiritual things, He was able to sustain Himself in the wilderness without physical sustenance. (Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13 and Luke 4:2) By concentrating on spiritual things, He was able to call to the spirit of Lazarus, telling him to "come forth" from the grave. (John 11:43) By concentrating on spiritual things, He was able to walk on the water, overcoming the physical world around Him. (Matthew 14:24) By concentrating on spiritual things, He was able to command the storm to "be still" and it obeyed. (Mark 4:39) By concentrating on spiritual things, He was able to hang on the cross and still consider the condition of the souls of those who put Him there, asking the Father's forgiveness for them. (Luke 23:34) His concentration on spiritual things even transcended the grave, enabling Him to rise after three days. (Matthew 28:1-6 and Mark 16:1-6) The physical nature of man is transitory. The body only lasts a set number of days. The spirit of man is eternal. Nothing can destroy it. (Matthew 10:28) Given its eternal nature the spirit is the only part of man that can be considered real. Jesus understood, and tried to teach His disciples, that we are not physical beings we are "spiritual beings in a physical existence."

Many times, we nearly grasp this truth and step out in faith. But, the "cares of life" pull us back to our physical side, causing us to fail. Peter came face to face with this lesson when he stepped out on the water to walk to Jesus. (Matthew 14:28-31) Look closely at this and you will find that he did walk on the water. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, concentrating on things of the spirit, he was safe. As soon as he took his eyes off the spiritual, and looked to the physical, his faith failed him and he began to sink. The physical is ruled by the spiritual. But, when we concentrate on the physical, the spiritual becomes suppressed. This actually limits what we are capable of doing. Jesus told His disciples that they would do greater things than He had done, (John 14:12) but He told them to do nothing until they were "endued with power from on high." (Luke 24:49) This "power from on high" was the "comforter" that He had promised He would send them. Jesus' disciples learned to depend on the spiritual and overlook the physical. Even on the day the promised Holy Spirit descended upon them, they transcended the works of Jesus by convincing 3000 people to believe Jesus was who He claimed to be. (Acts 2:1-41) Peter would walk in the miraculous to the point that angels would come to his aid and supernaturally release him from prison. (Acts 12:3-11) Paul would overcome the bite of a deadly viper, (Acts 28:3-6) amazing those who waited for him to die. The story is told that John, the Revelator, was so strong in the Spirit that all attempts to kill him failed. It is even said that an attempt to boil him in oil failed. This, at least in some part, is born out by the fact that John is the only Apostle who died a natural death. When Jesus told us not to fear man, (Matthew 10:28) He was referring to the physical world. The physical world is very limited in what it can do. However the spirit realm is completely without limits. We tend to concentrate on the physical because it is ever before our eyes. It impresses itself on our physical senses in order to draw our attention away from the spiritual. Satan knows our nature and is determined to keep us from understanding. In our nature is the very nature of God, for we are made in His image. Satan uses the physical world to distract us from spiritual things.

Why would God choose to make man in such a fashion? What was His ultimate purpose in making man? God made man as a companion for Himself. Just as He would take part of Adam to make Eve, (Genesis 2:21-22) He took part of Himself to make man. By doing this, He made man to be His perfect companion, but the infinite nature of God allowed Him to know the end from the beginning. (Acts 15:18, Ephesians 1:4 & 5, II Timothy 1:9 and I Peter 1:20) Before He ever started to create, he knew what the outcome would be. He knew that creating a being as nearly perfect as Lucifer would result in the being known as Satan. (Proverbs 16:4) He knew that His chosen companion would forsake Him and all things spiritual for the physical pleasures around him. He knew that to redeem His companion would require that He come and live as one of them, ultimately dying at their hands. (Isaiah 53:8-9) He also knew that it would all be worth it to have a companion worthy of Him. But, why would He not just make a companion that could not forsake Him? Why create a being like Lucifer? Why set the forbidden tree of Knowledge in the garden? In order for man to be a companion worthy of God, he must be able to choose Him. In order for man to choose Him, there must be a second choice. Once man chose to disobey God he had another choice to make. This was perhaps the most important test of all. Having made the wrong choice, would man choose to ask forgiveness or attempt to cover his own guilt? I have often wondered what the outcome would have been if Adam had answered, "I took the fruit. I'm sorry. Forgive me."

If we are to understand the One Who made us, we must first understand ourselves. We will never come close to understanding the eternal God of the universe as long as we think in physical terms. As long as we believe ourselves to be physical in nature, we can never hope to understand spiritual things. Only the spirit is capable of understanding spiritual things. We must set aside our physical understanding before we can tap into our spiritual understanding. Once we do this, the One Who "comes along side to help" will show us ALL things. (John 14:26)

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