The Special Season

Christmas, without a doubt is the most special season in all the year. Most of our vivid memories center around the celebration of Christmas. It is a joyous time, but it is also a sad time. We remember the excitement of opening presents, the gleam in a child�s eyes, the sparkle of a tear in the eyes of a husband or wife who has been suprised by a gift, and hugs of thank you for expressions of love.

Christmas is also a sad time for many. When someone is missing from a family, the Christmas celebration seems to magnify the feelings of grief and lonesomeness.

Why is it that Christmas seems to intensify feelings of both joy and sadness? The answer lies in one word -- Family -- a group of people of all ages growing together, struggling together, living, working, fighting, forgiving, accepting, loving and crying together.

Behind all the celebration of Christmas is God, the Father, who gave His Son Jesus, that we might become the children of God, sons and daughters together, brothers and sisters in Christ, One Family dominated by the unselfish giving love of our Father.

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