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When Karen's dad went "Home" in February of 1998 we flew to NW Pennsylvania for several weeks. The entire trip proved to be quite eventful, due to circumstances beyond our control, and we found ourselves needing help getting both from and to the airport. The pastors, and members, of three very special churches came to our rescue.

I would like to begin by thanking God for protecting my family, including our infant and toddler granddaughters, during the long (cold) night we spent in Cleveland's Hopkins Airport. The airport was closed, just after we landed, due to a blizzard and we found ourselves stranded in the airport for the night. The following morning we found we would not be able to get a rental vehicle large enough for all of us and were unsure which way to turn. We began calling churches in the Cleveland area, hoping for an idea. What we got were some very special children of God.

First Assembly of God, located on the opposite side of Cleveland from Hopkins Airport, helped us locate another AG church close to the airport. They worked with me for more than an hour, calling other churches and checking back with me to keep me informed of their progress. First Assembly is located at 1370 Richmond Road and their pastor is Daniel M. Wood. If you're looking for a home church in the east Cleveland area you might want to give them a try.

Bethel Temple Assembly of God provided us a ride to Karen's family (90 miles from Cleveland). Their pastor made all the arrangements with me over the phone, sight unseen and with no prior knowledge of our family. Bethel Temple is located at 12901 W. Pleasant Valley Road in Parma, Ohio and their pastor is Dwain K. Umbel. If you're looking for a home church in the west Cleveland area you might want to give them a try. Our special thanks to Dale Henkel for driving us all the way to Meadville, Pennsylvania on icy and snow covered roads.

And finally, First Christian Church in Meadville, located at 503 N. Main St. Extension, just inside the city limits of Meadville, PA. Our special thanks to Pastor Ron Cook for driving us all the way to Hopkins Airport for our return trip to Amarillo. If you're looking for a home church in the Meadville area you might want to give them a try.

All of the churches we communicated with were helpful, but these three went out of their way to do what was needed to help us make our way home safely. Their kindness will never be forgotten. Thank you does not begin to say what we feel for these special brothers in Christ.</b>

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